FFIV Free Enterprise Tracker by SchalaKitty

(Each layout operates independentaly, save for boss visibilty)

FFIV Free Enterprise Tracker
by SchalaKitty

Streaming Instructions
For best results, use Window Capture on your Browser.
Relevant minimum layout sizes and info for cropping (W x H) -
Layout 1, No Bosses - 137 x 322
Layout 1, With Bosses - 274 x 322
Layout 2, No Bosses - 274 x 200
Layout 2, With Bosses - 274 x 338
Color Key for BG Removal - #000063 [R:0 G:0 B:99]

Latest Update
Added a button to toggle the background color between default blue and plain black. Refreshing the page will reset the color to blue.

On Icon Usage
If you would like to use any of my custom icons for your own tracker project, please contact me first via Discord DM (My DM's are open to anyone in the FFIV Free Enterprise Discord) or by tagging me on Twitter. I'm usually happy to give permission but I like to know about the projects ahead of time and don't worry, I am very good at keeping them a secret until released. Thanks for understanding!